Stump Auger Removal

Large Scale Stump Removal Throughout the UK

RGL Forestry Ltd introduce a new specialist stump removal and restock site management process.

The RGL Stump Auger system utilises a +400hp 27 ton tracked excavator-based carrier that exerts a ground pressure of just 3psi (This can be reduced further with our wider track option). The auger bit is designed to withstand rocky and abrasive ground conditions, as well as embedded rocks inside the stumps themselves without incurring damage. The stump auger process planes any sized stumps to approximately 30mm thick shavings and this mechanical peeling opens up the wood fibres to encourage the decomposition and subsequent slow release of the nutrients contained within. The process is suited to most site types, from rocky to peat and is a particularly suitable alternative to traditional stump flipping, as it does not totally destroy established site plants or create silt and runoff issues.

stump fragmentor for heavily contaminated forestry sites.

The RGL Stump Auger opens up new opportunities for sites where stumps would traditionally be left in situ. The benefits of this speak for themselves, from the planting process through to aftercare management, nutrient rich soil, as well as more efficient ongoing weevil control.

stump auger stump removal.
  • High productivity and economic rates per Hectare.
    Reduces overall establishment costs. 
  • Removes spraying cycles and beating up visits.
  • Stumps & roots are planed into 30mm thick slices that decompose and return the nutrient to the soil, thereby reducing future requirements for fertiliser.
  • Weevil habitat is destroyed.
  • Ploughing ridges and hard pan are broken up and site drainage is improved.
  • Water runoff and flash flooding risks after heavy rainfall are reduced.
  • Works with any size stump and any soil type.
  • Improves restocking density and tree seedling survival rates.
  • Enables mechanical mounding or continuous mounding.
  • Improves productivity for excavator mounding or scarification.
  • Improves site safety for personnel.

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