About us

Originally an agricultural contracting company servicing the needs of farmers in the local area, the business eventually developed to provide machines for more forestry-focused contracting.

"I wouldn't operate a machine now without this thumb. The build quality is far superior to any previous thumbs I have used. I had specific requirements for the design of our thumb that RGL adapted to suit and I would happily order another for any future machines."

Martin Middleton, Machine operator/ Manager, Marbert Ltd

At RGL Forestry ltd, we have always modified our machines to suit the contracts and environments they will be working in, and we build new attachments when needed in order to complete jobs more efficiently. We spotted a gap in the market for clearing un-harvestable trees, and so we designed and constructed a mechanical tree mulcher mounted on a 360 excavator. Over the years, we’ve continued to improve our design to make it more efficient and robust, and we’ve modified our excavators in order to power our mulcher attachments.

This resulted in us constructing auxiliary engines and mounting them on top of standard 360 excavators. The excavators themselves had to be modified with heavy guarding and track guides in order to cope with demanding working environments they were working in.

We have always modified our plant to do the job we need it to do, and the advantage of doing it ourselves is we get to test it to destruction! This means we can work out any weak points and completely redesign the part if we need to. We are always striving to improve our products to ensure that they work perfectly for the end user.

In the last four years, RGL Forestry Ltd has started engineering products and fitting them to other company’s machines. Although any engineering modifications we’ve undertaken in the past have been for ourselves, we decided to make and install the modifications that have served us well for years on to other people’s machines.

This means we have a unique perspective and gives us an advantage over other engineering firms. We have worked in the forestry, demolition and construction sectors with our own machines, giving us a better understanding of what modifications work and how to build them to last.

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